Standing Against Domestic Violence

“Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them”. Colossians 3:19

Domestic violence (DV) is abhorrent and defies the values of the kingdom of God.

Sadly, the Pacific region has some of the highest rates of DV in the world.

UN Women estimates that 60-80 percent of Pacific Islander
women and girls experience physical or sexual violence by a partner or other in their lifetimes.

It breaks our heart that so many of our women and their families experience such pain and suffering.

BWP is collaborating with BWAW (Baptist World Alliance Women) and ABM (Australian Baptist Ministries) to equip churches deal with this terrible issue. These collaborations has producing the following two resources:

This is an international website developed by BWA and BWA Women. It seeks to provide resources to churches, women’s ministries and individuals who desire to become more knowledgeable and equipped to deal with DV in their community. It offers information in a range of languages.


This is a website developed by Australian Baptist Ministries and BWP to provide information and training resources to Australian churches. It includes an excellent sermon checklist as well as training videos on subject such as financial abuse, impact on children, indigenous women and connection between pornography and DV.

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